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VMukti is a place for life interaction of masses all across the globe. You can reach thousands of people around the world with just one click. Our company is a private web channel for all colleges in India. You can connect thousands of people all together through our 1VC.tv and can interact with around 50,000 people at a time. Whether its online seminars, meetings, events, courses VMukti is the best online e-learning solutions. It works easily through dial up, data card or any low bandwidth internet connection.

Involve the world basically means to gather all the people around the globe at one platform to interact through online collaboration, to bring changes in their lives through online training, teaching and learning. List of colleges in India covers a huge range from best colleges India to top colleges India, but unfortunately everyone can’t have the opportunity to study there and earn the degree of their choice. We facilitate you to come and learn and assure the quality of our service. Lectures from skilful professors from colleges in India and other countries are being gathered and broadcasted.

One can easily learn through online collaboration software designed especially to meet all needs of people in the best way. We offer a wide range of courses covering all sorts of subjects like physics, English, mathematics etc. We not only facilitate you in educational purposes we are there to help you tackle your official meetings, seminars and conferences. You can connect with your business clients through VMukti which efficiently and will help you connect with many clients all together through 1VC.tv. They can ask questions through chat box which can be answered by you on the spot. Important meetings can be recorded for the later use of clients or employs. Similarly lectures can be recorded by the permission for the use of upcoming batches.

VMukti has opened an era of development for unprivileged student of India. There are many colleges in India but people from backward areas are unable to avail the opportunity. Therefore we provide education in such a perfect manner that a person completing education becomes a skilful individual and he has the capability to bring positive changes in a society. Therefore u can dare to dream because through our company you can accomplish your all dreams. Its cost affective and you can choose schedule which suits you the most. You can work and study together.

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