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Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE has been the top holiday destination for people from all over the world. However, these two cities are very posh which makes it difficult for people to travel there and in addition to that, all the Dubai customs for tourists make it an expensive trip to make. But here is a Dubai and Abu Dhabi travel advisory which you can follow to cut down your budget while traveling there.

1.      Time

The peak season is the times when the flight tickets, hotel booking rates, and even the restaurants become insanely expensive. Peak season in these two cities start from the second week of the month of December and goes on till January first week, Eid, and then Easter is also a popular time to visit here. In case you want to visit the cities during these seasons, then you should look for Dubai holidays package deals or for Abu Dhabi tourist advice on the Internet to plan your trip in the most economic way possible.

2.      Accommodation

While choosing for your hotel in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, there are two important information that you should be aware of, first one is the night rate and then the exact location of the hotel. Ensure that your hotel is a downtown one which is near to the metro so that you can move around freely and simply by hiring a taxi. Fancy five-star hotels like Burj Arab and The Emirates Palace would cost you a lot. Any 3 or 4 star hotel with good service would be fine instead. However, if you want to stay in a 5-star hotel, you can book it from The Vacation Builder, a travel company which would allow you to book hotels at discount rates.

3.      Air Transportation

Both the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are listed on most of the world's air carriers operations. But the ticket prices are not always cheap; rather it is quite the opposite. You can try to carry as limited luggage as possible so that you do not get charged due to overweight of the luggage. Booking Dubai vacation packages through travel companies would help you to book your flight tickets at really cheap rates. This would help you to save hundreds of dollars on your travel tickets.


You can easily follow all these tips to have a budget journey but in case you find all these very difficult to follow, you can book your travel through a reputed travel company. So, if you are planning for your trip to the Middle East, then it is an advantage to book your holiday packages from a travel company like The Vacation Builder because they would take care of every aspect of your travel from your travel tickets, shopping, transportation in the Middle East, dining, touring, and more. They would take care of your entire travel and ensure that you have an amazing trip in an affordable budget even if you visit there at the peak season.



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