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sand washing plants have throughput capacities of up to 200 tonnes per hour. With the large demand for processed materials locally and internationally, and to meet the requirement of building contractors, we offer a complete range of skid mounted, semi-mobile sand washing plants.


Dewatering screens are LZZG patent products, which are used for dewatering sand and remove mud and impurities. Dewatering screen is the best solution to reduce sand water content to 8%. For years market experience, it works perfectly in crushed sand plant, natural sand washing plant, coal mining screening plant and mineral tailingscreening site, etc.


Aggregate dewatering screen is the dedicated equipment for producing high quality sand used in highways, high-speed railways, hydropower station, etc. The sand and stone granule produced by it with excellent shape, reasonable gradation and high compressive strength, which fully guarantees the quality of project construction and is favored by the majority of users.

Coal dewatering and recycling are the important process in the production of coal preparation plants that can be finished by dewatering screen. And the purpose of that is to reduce the concentration of washing water and achieve closed water circulation. It is not only related to the normal production and development of coal preparation plants, but also affects the economic benefits and social benefits of saving water, recovering coal resources, and protecting the ecological.

Tailings dewatering screen is specially used for the dry discharge of metal tailings that developed on the basis of high-frequency screen combined with the characteristics of metal tailings, such as iron ore, copper, gold and aluminum. Tailings dewatering screens are the new kind of typical equipment for tailings dry discharge with great effect, simple structure, low cost, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and convenient maintenance. Concrete is widely used in the construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels and more, and is usually stabilized by sand, stone and other performance indicators to improve its quality stability.

Therefore, the dewatering screen for concrete is necessary to improve sand quality. Dehydration is the most basic function of dewatering screen, which is mainly to solve the drawback of washed sand is too wet to sale directly.

The finished water content is as low as 8% after the process of dewatering screen.

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