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Sozohosting - Selection of Dedicated Server

Sozohosting - Selection of Dedicated Server
Sozohosting - Selection of Dedicated Server

 For any growing business an enterprise dedicated server is a necessity. Businesses will often lease dedicated servers instead of purchasing a server for their office, for a windows server there is an up front cost of $800 just for the standard version, they will also have to buy licensing for the associated applications.  Some of further ,costs with the server would be a network switch a firewall and support expertise. You can reduce your monthly and upfront costs significantly by leasing a dedicated server. With a leased dedicated server, whether linux or windows you can negotiate a package deal to include the server, licensing, network, firewall and support. This is a great way to save money.

Sometimes the users are confused whether to go for a linux dedicated server or a windows dedicated server. They should know the difference between Linux and Windows and also must be able to decide which is more suitable for their business. Linux is open source so it will not cost the users anything. But, Windows is from Microsoft and the users have to pay for a license, but of course it will run all windows applications and .net programs specifically. Windows dedicated server generally is easier to navigate, however one can really harness the raw access to the operating system with Linux. Only those who want to have their own windows server need to pay for the Windows operating system. It is always wrong to say that a person with a Windows based computer should also have a Windows based server. Both Windows and Linux are suitable when the web account is accessed through FTP. They should be selected based on how they will be used and the nature of their programs. Both these models are suitable for POP3s, PHPs and mySQL.

Windows dedicated server is ideal for .NET, Access, Windows streaming Videos and FrontPage. The security of both of them depends on the system administrators. But for the fact that linux dedicated server can be used more extensively, both of them perform in the same way. In view of the end user, both of them perform alike. The softwares that are used for protection of OS as well as server are different for Windows and Linux. The security software programs on both protect the system from Trojans, crashers, spammers, hackers and other types of viruses. The systems that are based on Windows have a visual interface. These servers may contain active directory and they are also compatible with Plesk and other hosting control panels. In order to compete with cheap dedicated models their prices are kept competitive.

Users will have full access of both their windows or linux dedicated server. The user can opt for his own choice of hardware and OS. The selection of operating system depends on the nature of service that will be provided by the server. The version of Linux used for this purpose is completely free of cost. The windows based OS used for this purpose is a commercial version. For protection as well as manipulation of data both of them adopt different methods. The main disadvantage of the server based on Windows is its higher cost. To Sum it up, it will depend on your software and application needs on whether you choose a windows dedicated server or a linux dedicated server.

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